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    1. A High Performing School


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         剑桥A1班外教·Dominic Aml?t

          I believe thateducation is the most important gift that can be given to a child. A soundeducation will prepare them for the myriad challenges that they willundoubtedly face in this ever growing and competitive world.  As theirEnglish teacher I have the opportunity to work with each member of my class todevelop one of their most valuable skills - communication.





      剑桥A2班外教·Hannah Clift

          Teaching in China seems the perfect opportunityto do so.  I believe that educationshould be both enjoyable andinformative, and I really like this school's approach toteaching in that it involves the parents and encourages the childrenas opposed to punishing them for getting things wrong.





      剑桥A3班外教·Ashley Bastow

           I am very grateful for the opportunity to teach thekids in the Cambridge class here at HFLS. My favourite educational quoteis ‘the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’ by Aristotle.




      剑桥A4班外教·Eleanor Mck

          I believe education should be engaging andeffortless. If learning is fun,we will remember it and want to domore of it!



      05  剑桥B1班外教·Adam Dixon 

          My idea of education is to transfer my knowledgeto the students and to take pride in their development.




      06   剑桥B2班外教·Paige Will

          Nelson Mandelaonce said that education is one of  the most powerfultools you can use to change the world and I firmly believe  in this  philosophy. Without an education, we are unable to fullyrealise our dreams and ambitions.





      剑桥C1班外教·Ness Kennedy

          My philosophy on teaching is that the best kindof teaching is when the student doesn't even realise theyare being taught and they’re interest in a subject isthe driving force of their  learning,  which  is  why an engaging and active teaching style is central to my lessons.



      08   剑桥C2班外教· Rahil Patel


          My idea foreducation is simple. It is to give learners the best tools and learningexperience to achieve success as young people and adults. Education isknowledge for the future. This is a motto that I think sums educationup.Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrowbelongs to those who prepare for it today.




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